Single Train Condliff with Passing Strike

In homage to the James Condliff of Liverpool, circa 1860 this single train skeleton clock features exquisite crossings of the wheelwork and plates which highlight Sinclair Harding's attention to detail and finishing at its very best.

The frames, pierced out of solid Brass, are gracefully faceted, polished, and burnished to provide a gleaming support for the four-wheel train. The Great Wheel has 288 teeth and makes only one revolution daily. This drives the centre wheel, which is framed, by the pierced chapter ring and bezel.

Single Train Condliff Clock finished in Gold on a Birds-eye Maple Base

A passing strike produces a single clear strike every half hour on a hand tuned bell. The mechanism is unique to Sinclair Harding and has been created to maintain the symmetry of the design. Two hammers act on one bell and strike the alternate hours. A simple lever hidden under the base can be used to silence the strike at night.

The movement is mounted on two ornate pillars and appears to be floating over the base made from a sandwich of decorative Brass plates and a choice of a selected wood or marble.

The clock is protected by a bevelled glass shade, which does not need removing to wind. The Condliff Clock can be finished either in Gold, Platinum or a combination of Gold and Platinum.

HEIGHT  : 48cm.  WIDTH  : 33cm.  DEPTH  : 18cm.

Single Train Condliff Clock Finished in Platinum on a Walnut Burr Base

Single Train Condliff Clock Finished in Platinum and Gold combination on a Birds-eye Maple Base


Spring Driven

8-day power reserve with stop-work mechanism to prevent over winding.

Silvered Dial

Each dial is engraved, wax filled and hand silvered. The hands are polished and Blued.


A cast bell made from a perfect blend of PB2 and tin. Sinclair Harding turn the finished profile, the outside is polished the inside is left cast. The bell is protected using a renaissance wax.

Glass Shade

The clocks are protected by a bevelled glass shade with an opening door allowing the winding to be carried out without having to remove the shade.


All the parts on each clock are hand finished (even the ones you cannot see!). The Brass parts are protected with a thin layer of 23.5 carat Gold or Platinum. The finishes we offer are Gold, combination of Gold and Platinum or Platinum plated.

Our bases are French polished, this technique produces a high gloss surface. We also offer a range of granite bases. Each of our bases can be personalised with an engraved plaque.

Birds-eye Maple

Olive Ash

Tiger Oak Burr

Walnut Burr



Black Granite

Star Galaxy Granite.

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