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History of Sinclair Harding (UK) Ltd

Established in 1967, Sinclair Harding honours the historical tradition of fine English clockmaking. With its range of beautiful hand crafted clocks, this unique company embraces the horological industry's ideals for precision, quality and perfection.

The company was originally founded by Bill Sinclair and Mike Harding and was based in Cheltenham, England. Later taken over by Robert Bray where the traditional methods of English clockmaking continue alongside modern technology.

Timeline of Sinclair Harding (UK) Ltd

1967- Company founded as a clock repair business by Mike Harding and Bill Sinclair in Cheltenham.

1971- First Longcase clock made with a strike movement, Bill Sinclair Retires.

1972-1975- Development of chiming movement with Tim Bazuley followed by Bracket clock and Three Train Fusee movement.

1980-1983- New clocks developed adding to the clock range. Standard Sea Clock and Giant Carriage clock introduced from which the Perpetual Calendar Carriage Clock developed.

1985- Engaged in a variety of public commissions including the Wishing Fish Clock in Cheltenham and a 7 Ages of Man Congreve Clock.

1995- Mike Harding retires and Robert Bray takes over as owner of Sinclair Harding.

1996- Sinclair Harding completed a public commission for the Oval Cricket ground and moved the company to West Yorkshire.

1997-1999- Robert Bray was now busy recruiting and training new family team members and investing in new plant and equipment.

1999- The first Sinclair Harding H1. Sinclair Harding started making a _ size representation of John Harrison's H1 Sea Clock.

2005- Robert Bray becomes full member of AHCI (Acad?mie Horlog?re des Cr?ateurs Ind?pendants).

2007- Further Expansion allowing further investment in new CNC machinery and HAAS Mini Mil.

2008- Single Train Condliff first exhibited at Baselworld 2008, continued investment of a new Joemars CNC wire erosion and introduction of Solidworks 3D CAD Software.

2009- Rosemary Skeleton clock was first introduced at Baselworld 2009, designed, manufactured and assembled within two weeks.

2010- Robert Bray was Elected Vice Presidents of British Horological Institute. Bob Bray is Awarded BHI Barrett Silver Medal for 2010 by B.H.I.

Awards, Education and Members' Day - Students joined with new members and invited guests for the BHI's annual Awards, Education and New Members' Day at the end of October.

2012- The Future - aka The Clock Oyle.

In July 2012 Sinclair Harding became proud owners of Phillips House, the building was originally the workshops, pit head baths, medical centre, lamp room and clocking in/out room for Emley Moor Colliery (hence referred to as the Clock Oyle). All hands on deck as Phillips House is currently undergoing conversion to a huge workshop, polishing oyle, packing oyle, and so on.. August - Its starting to take shape now, partition walls have been removed and the suspended ceilings have been taken down to give more height into the workshop - we've even begun painting. Air benches are on order for the new polishing area which should make a big impact on reducing our dust.

2015- Rhodium Precious Metal Plating line installed - research, training and development has led Robert Bray and Dominic Bray (Robert's eldest son) to learn and develop their knowledge on electroplating.

At Baselworld 2015 we introduced our new design Sun and Moon Skeleton clock which now is housed within an opening door bevelled glass shade.

In November we exhibited at Salon QP 2015 and introduced our new Single Train Condliff Clock design.

2016- Gold and Nickel Precious Metal Plating line installed and expanded our Rhodium Plating, continuing development within our electroplating to control the quality and achieve the highest standard of plating.

Robert Bray celebrated his 21st Baselworld exhibition at this milestone he had completed more Baselworld exhibitions that the founder Mike Harding.

2017- Celebrating 50th Anniversary of Sinclair Harding.

This year we will be continuing to improve our standards with development and training within our team of now 14 team. New projects this year have included our Congreve, Two Train Condliff Clock and a new table design for our H1.

At Baselworld 2017 we launched our new Two Train Condliff clock, alongside our H1 taking center stage. In November at Salon QP we will exhibiting with our good friends at the AHCI. We will be exhibiting our H1 on a glass table this is the first time showing at Salon QP.


BEWARE OF FAKES - From time to time Fake Sinclair Harding Clocks appear on the market with a few spotted on eBay.

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