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Our complete and exclusive range of clocks along with private one-off comissions.

BEWARE OF FAKES - From time to time Fake Sinclair Harding Clocks appear on the market with a few spotted on eBay

Sinclair Harding H1

A wonderful combination of art & fascinating mechanics, in homage to John Harrison

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John Harrison Sea Clocks

Each clock embodies at least three of the basic principles from Harrison's first Sea Clocks

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Three Train Skeleton Clocks

Chiming every quarter of an hour culminating in a fascinating hourly spectacle

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The Rosemary

A miniaturised version of the Great Wheel Skeleton Clock includes an inegral bevelled glass case & base

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Single Train Condliff Clocks

In homage to James Condliff of Liverpool, this clock highlights our attention to detail & finishing

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Sun & Moon Clocks

The movement is visually light & graceful. Each hand painted moonphase dial is unique

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Great Wheel Skeleton Clock

The superb artistry in this clock typifies the French Horologists of the late 18th Century

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Congreve Clocks

William Congreve's principle for the measurement of time using a rolling ball escapement is reflected here

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Table Regulators

Probably the most classic of clocks made by Sinclair Harding is the Table Regulator

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Two Train Condliff Clocks

The two train skeleton clock based on the design of James Condliff, Liverpool circa 1860

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Longcase & Bracket Clocks

Embody every feature of fine design and are tailored for each customer making a unique family heirloom

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'La Colonne du Temps'

'La Colonne du Temps' is the first mechanical sculpture to use an innovative digital display of the time in column form, it comprises of five separate cylindrical segments anchored on a vertical central axis.

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Pre-Owned Clocks

An 8 day Bracket clock, Sea Clock and Longcase clocks are currently in stock. Please contact us if you have a Sinclair Harding clock that you would like to consider selling.

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Commissions & One-Offs

Customer involvement is ensured at every stage using the state of the art 3D solid modelling software which customers can view

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