Sun & Moon Clocks

The movement is visually light and graceful with the three hand painted dials one signifying the sun rise and sun set and the second dial showing the Moonphase cycle. Most Moonphase dials take twenty-nine and a half days to complete a cycle. On this clock the panorama of the sky changes daily as in real life, sunshine and clouds during daylight hours and the moon rising and setting every night. The unique feature being that over twenty nine and a half days the moon goes through its phases, waxing and waning, in the most realistic manner.

Between the seconds bezel there is a cluster of stars, which elegantly move with the pendulum swing.

The whole clock sits on a base of highly figured Walnut or Rosewood and can be finished in Rhodium or Gold. The movement is protected by a bevelled glass frame which has an opening door which does not need to removed for winding.

HEIGHT: 48cm WIDTH : 33cm DEPTH : 18cm

“The exceptionally thick plates are polished and gilded and contain the high count, fine wheel work which has variously 5, 6 and 8 crossings all of them hand burnished and visually light and airy.”


The clock is covered with a bevelled glass shade with an opening door for ease of winding the clock.

Each dial is hand painted with a day and night scene making each clock unique.

With the adjustable feet makes the clock easy to level.

Completing the Sun and Moon clock are the stars which are always showing between the seconds dial.

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