Great Wheel Skeleton Clock

The superb artistry which typifies the French Horologists of the late 18th Century seems to culminate in this beautiful clock. Deceptively simple, the restrained elegance serves to enhance the obvious craftsmanship inherent in such fine wheelwork with its delicate crossings and very high tooth counts.
The frames, pierced out of solid Brass, are gracefully faceted, polished and burnished to provide a gleaming support for the four-wheel train. The Great Wheel has 288 teeth and makes only one revolution daily. This drives the centre wheel with a diameter slightly larger than the bezel, thus, when viewed from the front, frames the silvered dial.
The escapement is a ‘Graham Deadbeat’ controlled by a ‘silk’ suspension pendulum and the whole requires winding once weekly. The movement is mounted on a slim, white marble or granite base to the customer's choice and is protected by a bevelled glass shade which has an opening door at the front.
Sinclair Harding offers two designs, a variation of the classic ‘Y’ frame French Skeleton Clock and the 'Arch' frame where the graceful curves of the frame legs are engraved with a simple yet elegant pattern.

“Finely pierced wheels can be found in all of Sinclair Harding's clocks. This style of wheel has been traditionally used on the finest clocks throughout history.”

Classic ‘Y’ Frame French Skeleton clock finished in Rhodium on a Black Granite base.
'Y' Frame shown without it's bevelled glass shade. Each clock is engraved with a unqiue serial number on the pendulum bob and back plate. 
The Great Wheel bases are made of Marble the most popular are the White Thassos and the Black Granite. Under the base is a hidden key holder. 

Dial is machine engraved, hard wax filled, grained and hand silvered using a traditional silvering method then lacquered for protection.
'Arch' Frame engraved with 'Sinclair Harding' on the front plate. 
Graham deadbeat escapement controlled by a silk suspension pendulum. 

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