Rosemary which first came into being in 2009, is a miniaturised version of the Great Wheel Skeleton Clock and was designed to include an integral bevelled glass case and base.

The pendulum is hung from a silk type suspension, which can be lowered and temporarily secured, making it ideal for presentation ceremonies.

The plates can be made any shape within the confines of the wheel train and personal engraving can be added to the plinth. Every part, except for the pallet, is made from either Gold or Platinum plated Brass or Stainless Steel, which will eliminate any tarnishing problems caused by high humidity.

Just like the Great Wheel Skeleton Clock, the Main Wheel has 288 teeth, which are cycloidal tooth form, and makes just one revolution daily. The escapement is a 'Graham Deadbeat' controlled by a 'silk' suspension and Invar pendulum. The movement is fitted with Maltese Cross stop work to achieve the most accurate timekeeping and the clock will run for a full 8 days.

Height: 27cm Width: 20cm Depth: 10cm

Rosemary Clock
Finished in Platinum


Rosemary Clock

Finished in Gold

Silvered Dial

Each dial is engraved, wax filled and hand silvered. The hands are polished and Blued.

‘Graham Deadbeat’ Escapement

The escapement is controlled by a 'silk' suspension and Invar pendulum.

Engraved Base Plate

A subtle way to personalise your clock.


All the parts on each clock are hand finished (even the ones you cannot see!). The Brass parts are protected with a thin layer of 23.5 carat Gold or Platinum. The finishes we offer are Gold, combination of Gold and Platinum or Platinum plated.

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