Three Train Skeleton Clocks

This magnificent chiming Skeleton Clock is the result of months of painstaking hand work. Each plate is individually cut out of solid brass, edge filed, papered smooth, burnished, and electroplated before finally being built into a finished clock. Every wheel and arbor, detent and lever have been finished by hand to give the whole mechanism the glittering aspect of a true work of art.

The motive power for the 8-day movement is provided by three mainsprings each operating through its respective fusee and chain to give virtually constant torque to the train of wheels. The going train is controlled by a ½ second deadbeat escapement and an Invar pendulum rod assembly, the bob of which is visible beneath the plates. This gives the piece a high standard of timekeeping, which with the seconds dial produces additional movement to add to the already fascinating spectacle.

The escape pallet is made from high carbon steel, with through hardened faces diamond polished to a mirror finish assuring a long life. The chime train operates a pinned drum and hammer assembly which can be set to play Westminster or a choice of Whittington and St Michael chimes on an octave of hand tuned bells, whilst the striking train sounds the hours on a ninth tenor bell. The levers and racks controlling this activity are finished to the same meticulous standard.

The movement is mounted on a base of decorative Brass plates with a choice of wood or marble in between. The bevelled glass shade with opening door, protects the whole clock from dust, while at the same time allows perfect visibility.

Height: 49cm Width: 38cm Depth: 23cm


Three Train Skeleton Clock Finished in Gold ona Birds-eye Maple Base.

“Chiming every quarter the gentle movements of the mechanism locking and unlocking are fascinating to watch. The spectacle builds, and every hour gives a performance which demands careful study.”

Three Train Skeleton Clock finished in Gold on a Black Granite Base.

Three Train Skeleton Clock finished in Platinum and Gold Combination on a Walnut Burr Base.

Chain Driven Fusee

Perfectly matched to the Sinclair Harding reverse wound springs with an 8-day power reserve. 

Bells & Pin Drum

The Octave of cast bells from a perfect blend of PB2 and tin. Sinclair Harding turn the finished profile, the outside is polished the inside is left cast. Then the bell is protected using a renaissance wax. 

Pendulum Bob & Sound Hole

The ½ Second pendulum bob visible above the base with intricately fretted sound hole.

Glass Shade

The whole clock is protected by a brass bound bevelled glass shade with an opening door to allow easy access to the movement.


All the parts on each clock are hand finished (even the ones you cannot see!). The Brass parts are protected with a thin layer of 23.5 carat Gold or Platinum. The finishes we offer are Gold, combination of Gold and Platinum or Platinum plated.

Our bases are French polished, this technique produces a high gloss surface. We also offer a range of granite bases. Each of our bases can be personalised with an engraved plaque.

Birds-eye Maple

Olive Ash

Tiger Oak Burr

Walnut Burr



Black Granite

Star Galaxy Granite.

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