'La Colonne du Temps'

In Baselworld 2017 was where the collaboration between Jörg Hysek and Sinclair Harding began. It was towards the end of the show Bob Bray decided it was time for his first Bratwurst of the show in the sunshine. This was cut short as Jörg and Kim Hysek had been trying to find him. Jörg had a vision, which he had been told by other clockmakers that if this complex design was to be done, Bob was the guy to do it.

Not knowing what to expect Bob met with Jörg and Kim and they approached him with Jörg’s vision for the ‘La Colonne du Temps’. By the end of the conversation Bob had an idea and started to sketch…..the challenge was accepted to have the first ‘La Colonne du Temps’ ready for Baselworld 2018. 

Along this challenging journey in the development of the ‘La Colonne du Temps’ meant the whole team at Sinclair Harding had learn new techniques and skills in design, manufacture, finish and in the assembly to create this timepiece. This was all completed under the watchful eye of Jörg Hysek. It was key for Jörg, that this creation was true to his vision and we both feel this was achieved.   

'La Colonne du Temps' finished in Platinum in a Black case

'La Colonne du Temps'

'La Colonne du Temps’ is the first mechanical sculpture to use an innovative digital display of the time in column form, it comprises of five separate cylindrical segments anchored on a vertical central axis.

To produce this fascinating display of the passing hours and minutes, a complex arrangement has been developed of independently rotating carriages, each guided by a unique cam. Each segment of the column moves separately, at its own pace, according to the unit of time it represents, thus creating a visually arresting spectacle of time-and-motion. Conversely, a retrograde hand indicates the seconds, which are engraved on a smaller and static cylinder positioned between the hour and minute segments.

At the base of the column, an elegant case houses the timepiece’s movement and the entire structure is supported by feet and leather encased rollers. Optional black Granite base with a bevelled glass shade. 

HEIGHT: 49cm. WIDTH: 38cm. DEPTH: 23cm.

About Jörg Hysek

The designs of Jörg Hysek emanate a strength that appeals to lovers of refined and exclusive objects. Throughout his career, and notably in the field of watchmaking, Jorg has become renowned as a free-thinking and avant-garde designer, with uniquely distinctive aesthetic.

Jörg Hysek continues to surprise by presenting a completely new approach to the mechanical clock.

As a result of his artistic talent and visionary approach to design, Jörg has had a tremendous influence on Swiss watchmaking over the course of many decades. 'La Colonne du Temps’ is the first of a series of mechanical sculptures – the fruit of inspiring encounters, close collaboration and passionate devotion.

'La Colonne du Temps' Finished in Gold in a Black case


Back of the 'La Colonne du Temps'  


Top Plate Detail

Attention to detail, engravde spotting on the top housing plate.

Base Plate Detail

Base movement plate each engraved with the signature of Jorg Hysek

Chain Driven Fusee

Chain driven fusee, 8-day power reserve.

Hand stitched Leather

Each roller is encased with hand stitched leather.


All the parts on each clock are hand finished (even the ones you cannot see!). The Brass parts are protected with a thin layer of 23.5 carat Gold or Platinum. The finishes we offer are Gold, combination of Platinum and Gold or Platinum plated.

The Housing is Aluminium which can be anodised or painted. You can be as creative as you like with this timepiece.

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